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Welcome to Auti Music, Autumn Gillispie, an aspiring singer-song writer from Charleston, WV who at only 17 years of age has acquired thousands of followers worldwide and viral videos with more than 100 Million Views. She also has several singles out “Only One” and “Summertime Somewhere”.  A new EP will be dropped sometime this Fall of 2021Take a listen, Subscribe to her Social Media and join her Email Newsletter!


15 thoughts on “Autumn G”

  1. When will your t-shirts be on here and when will you release why?? Your song “only one” is amazing. 14 and you are so blessed. Please don’t ever forget that god has blessed you in many ways so praise him daily and remember you are beautiful and loved

  2. Please keep it country, you have such an amazing voice and I miss listening to good country music not this new rap stuff!

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