Premier of “Only One”

Tonight is the Premier of my new single called “Only One!”

I believe that anyone that has the first love do you wrong can relate to the lyrics of this song. We all deserve to be treated respectfully in every relationship that we have. I hope that you enjoy and please share to your friends and family!

Pickler & Ben Show Was Amazing!

Being able to share this moment with my Dad was everything. Kellie Pickler, Ben and her husband Kyle Jacobs were so gracious to me and my family. Everyone on their staff were so nice to me and my family. It was so exciting to be featured on a nationally syndicated show that is being seen all over the US! It was a tremendous opportunity and I’ve been able to work with Kyle since then on several new songs…. so stay tuned! Watch below and let me know what you think!!!

Autumn G appears on the Pickler & Ben Show!
Autumn G appears on the Pickler & Ben Show!

Autumn G

Thanks for joining me!

Welcome to Auti Music, Autumn Gillispie, an aspiring singer-song writer from Charleston, WV who at only 17 years of age has acquired thousands of followers worldwide and viral videos with more than 100 Million Views. She also has several singles out “Only One” and “Summertime Somewhere”.  A new EP will be dropped sometime this Fall of 2021Take a listen, Subscribe to her Social Media and join her Email Newsletter!


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